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My Ancestor was an ... Agricultural Labourer (Revised edition 2010)

A guide to sources for family historians

Ian H. Waller

A5, 136 pages, ISBN: 978-1-903462-98-0

Agricultural labourers as an occupational group have always been of interest to family historians, but most have given up on the idea of finding records about them apart from the usual sources such as census, registration certificates and parish registers. As for them leaving a will, most family historians have not even considered to see if they did or did not leave one. Yet it is surprising what often can be found, and this book considers the many different records from which information can be obtained as practical research is undertaken. The first part of the book also deals with the lives of agricultural labourers and their families, and how they were affected by social and economic conditions prevailing throughout their lives, virtually meaning they lived in or near poverty for most of that time.

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