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Voices From The Workhouse

Peter Higginbotham

224 pages 156mm x 234mm ISBN 978-0-7524-6749-8

"Voices from the Workhouse" tells the inside story of the workhouse in the words of those who experienced the institution at first hand, including the pauper inmats themselves, workhouse staff, administrators, official inspectors, journalists and social expliorers.

Featuring a wide variety of sources - letters. poems, autobiographies, official reports, testimony of official inquiries ansd newspaper articles, historian Peter Higginbotham paints a vivid portait of what really went on behind the doors of the workhouse - all the sighs, sounds and smells of these institutions, and the effect it had on thjose whose lives it touched.Was the workhouse the cruel and inhospitable place it is often presented, or was there more to it than that? Thias book lets those who knew the place provide the answers, and finally unmasks the anonymous author of Indoor Pauper, the Victorian expose of life in a London workhouse.

Hearing from those who passed through the door of a workhouse - including vistor Chyarles Dickens and inmate charlie Chaplin - andd experienced conditions for themselves, this book provides a valuable and unique insightinto the workhouse system.

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