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Workhouses of The North

Images of England

Peter Higginbotham

ISBN 978-0-7524-4001-9

Such was the fear and dread of 'ending one's days in the the workhouse' that even in recent years older people could recall the feelings of horror that such a threat conjured up. That a system introduced to help the poor and destitute could become such a reviled and feared institution is a mystery to most of us today. but a study of it can repay with a better understanding of a broader social, political, economic and even architectural history of Britain.

Increasingly today little remains of these great and gloomy edifices, although some found new uses and survive. People are often surprised to discover that a former workhouse building still exists in their locality.

This book takes a look at both surviving and lost examples of workhouse buildings in the North of England, covering the old counties of Cumberland, Northumberland, Durham, Westmoreland, Lancashire and Yorkshire. Family, local and social historians will all find a source of useful reference and for the general reader it will provide an interesting account of an institution that few were sorry to see the end of.

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