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Second Stages in Researching Welsh Ancestry

Edited by John and Sheila Rowlands

A5, 348 pages, ISBN: 978-1-86006-066-3

Anyone who has had any success with researching their Welsh ancestry will know that a sound grasp genealogical method and a good knowledge of available sources are not the only factors which have contributed to that success.They will know, for example, how important it is in Welsh research to have some understanding of the social, cultural, religious and economic background to the communities in which those ancestors lived.

This book aims to broaden that understanding, especially for the period prior to 1800 when most researchers begin to experience difficulties. In addition, it aims to make readers more aware of some little-known (or little-used) sources and the processes which may be applied to the information they contain.

Apart from chapters dealing with aspects of community life and the records relating to them, there are chapters relating to different occupations, to surnames, to reading old documents and also how the writing of the history of a family may be achieved. The book contains several practical case-studies and is rounded off with examples of work done as part of the accreditation process on some more recent University courses.

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